1》 denoting a person or thing that performs a specified action or activity: farmer.
2》 denoting a person or thing that has a specified attribute or form: two-wheeler.
3》 denoting a person concerned with a specified thing: milliner.
4》 denoting a person belonging to a specified place or group: city-dweller.
OE -ere, of Gmc origin.
suffix forming the comparative of adjectives (as in bigger) and adverbs (as in faster).
OE suffix -ra (adjectival), -or (adverbial), of Gmc origin.
suffix forming nouns used informally, usually by distortion of the root word: footer.
prob. an extended use of -er1; orig. Rugby School sl., later adopted at Oxford University.
suffix forming frequentative verbs such as patter.
OE -erian, -rian, of Gmc origin.
suffix forming nouns:
1》 such as sampler. Compare with -ar1. [ending corresponding to L. -aris.]
    ↘such as butler, danger. [ending corresponding to L. -arius, -arium.]
    ↘such as border. [ending corresponding (via OFr. -eure) to L. -atura.]
    ↘such as laver. See laver2. [ending corresponding (via OFr. -eor) to L. -atorium.]
2》 equivalent to -or1.
via OFr. or Anglo-Norman Fr. (see above).
suffix chiefly Law (forming nouns) denoting verbal action or a document effecting such action: disclaimer.
from Anglo-Norman Fr. (infin. ending).

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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